Social Security Policy Briefings. Paper 6

Asia-Pacific Regional High-level Meeting on socially-inclusive strategies to extend social security coverage. New Delhi, India 19-20 May 2008

This publication, prepared by the Social Security Department of the ILO, is the outcome of the Regional Meeting held in New Delhi.

It is based on the presentations made during the High Level Round Table on the Extension of Social Protection, the panel discussion on Social Security and the Right to Work; the session on Income Security for the Elderly and not-so-Elderly and the session on Extending Social Health Protection in the Asia-Pacific Region. The report also reflects the major points of the tripartite discussions held following the presentations. The ILO conclusions of this meeting underlined the commitment of the Office to assist countries in closing coverage gaps, in particular, in the informal economy, in the access to essential health care for all, in the adoption of social measures for children, the unemployed and the poor and income protection for the elderly and the disabled. This could be done by establishing a basic benefit package in order to guarantee baic social protection for all.