Social Protection Policy Paper. Paper 16

Social protection for domestic workers: Key policy trends and statistics

This policy paper: (i) provides an overview of the global situation of social security provisions for domestic workers in 163 countries; (ii) analyses trends, policies and gaps in terms of legal and effective social security coverage for domestic workers; (iii) describes and analyses the configuration of social security schemes for domestic workers, such as their institutional organization, financing and administration; (iv) informs on challenges to extending coverage; and (v) provides a compilation and description of international practices of social security schemes for the domestic work sector, including comparative information.

This report aims to provide systematized information on
the international situation of social protection in the domestic work sector. To this end, it
presents recent information on the
characteristics of social security schemes that provide coverage to domestic workers. The report compiles and disseminates information on legal practices, institutional
organization, financing and registration, collection and payment of contributions. This
information and the corresponding analysis can provide useful inputs for policy making.