Technical Cooperation reports


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    Zimbabwe. Report to the Government. Actuarial study on the National Pension Scheme

    01 January 2012



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    Grenada. Report to the Government. Ninth Actuarial Valuation of the National Insurance Fund as of 31 December 2009

    01 January 2011

    Section 22 of the National Insurance Act (the Act) requires that an actuarial review of the Grenada National Insurance Fund be conducted at least every three years. This 9th review of the NIS Fund was performed as at 31 December 2009, three years after the previous review.


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    Kenya. Developing an integrated national social protection policy

    01 January 2010



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    Zanzibar. Social protection expenditure and performance review and social budget

    01 January 2009



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    Vanuatu: Actuarial valuation of the proposed Compensation scheme

    01 January 2006

    The ILO project 'Sub-regional initiative on social security for the Pacific island countries' recommended a social insurance workers compensation scheme for Vanuatu to replace the employers' liability provisions in the existing labour legislation. This report presents the actuarial valuation undertaken to evaluate the proposed workers compensation scheme.

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    Vanuatu: Report on the implementation of the Health Insurance Scheme

    01 January 2006

    The report focuses on the issues related to the implementation of a health insurance scheme in Vanuatu. It aims to provide key information on the aspects to be faced in the implementation of the scheme. Chapter 2 looks into the key characteristics of the VNPF members, including their age-structure and income distribution. Chapter 3 provides the information on the estimated covered population, contribution rate and the estimated contribution income to the scheme. Chapter 4 will analyse how the health insurance scheme will affect the public financing on health. Chapter 5 concludes with the summary of the main findings and recommendation.


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    Extension of social security coverage for the informal economy in Indonesia. Surveys in the urban and rural informal economy. Working Paper N° 11

    01 January 2004

    There is no single solution to extend the coverage of social security to the informal economy workers. To this goal, the report proposes a combination of the following three options: Extending the existing statutory social security schemes; Creating a special scheme for the informal economy workers; and Encouraging the development of micro-insurance schemes.