Capacity building and knowledge dissemination

The ILO develops a wide range of knowledge dissemination activities through capacity building, training and education in the social protection and social security fields.

The main objective of the capacity building and training activities is to create, enhance and develop constituents capacity at country level to design, implement and supervise social protection and social security schemes. With this aim, the ILO, in collaboration with its International Training Center in Turin provides training on issues such as: policy design, implementation, governance, economic and financial sustainability, international labour standards, social dialogue and gender mainstreaming in social protection and social security activities. The Department also provides specialized courses on actuarial and financing techniques, social health protection, pensions, social security extension, social security statistics and on the implementation of nationally defined social protection floors.

The target group is constituted primarily by ILO constituents, government officials, workers’ and employers’ representatives with responsibilities in the field of social security. The ILO also considers crucial the training of managers and officials of social security systems and government officials and decision makers with a scope of action influencing on social security policies.

As part of the wide range of technical cooperation activities undertaken by the ILO, capacity building of national actors is of utmost importance. In the framework of technical project arrangements, the ILO provides assistance to the realization of specific objectives ensuring that national actors are trained to apply methods and/or implement strategies after the termination of the project.

Over the years, the ILO has developed an extensive collection of social protection text books, manuals and guides which are the knowledge base for the capacity building and training activities.

The ILO also promotes education of populations on social security to generate awareness raising on rights and obligations with the goal of extending the coverage of existing systems