Age group 15-17

Ethan Eigenfeldt. Canada. Find Your Voice. Youth 15–17
A group of workers are silenced and put into an evil corporate company. More @
Spencer David. Canada. Workplace Bullying. Youth 15–17
Bullying doesn't just happen to kids. More @
Ethan Eigenfeldt. Canada. What Not To Do At Work. Youth 15–17
Impairment in the workplace is not a joke. More @
Kristiana Varkalhoff. USA. Texting While Driving. Youth 15–17
It is a short film targeted for youth/teens that work in driving related jobs. More @

Age group 18-24

Phuong Nguyen Thi. Vietnam. Learn from others' mistakes. Youth 18–24
Learn from others’ mistakes so that you will never do the same! Wherever you work, whatever your job, use the right personal protective equipments! More @
Yu Chen Bai Susan Bai. Canada. Impairment at Work. Youth 18–24
The video focuses on encouraging individuals to work responsibly and teaching them what to do when they see their colleagues clearly under the influence. More @
Ivona Gudelj. Croatia. Youth Safety Matters. Youth 18–24
Story about conducting practical training for a new young worker, promoting health and safety at work and the prevention of work injuries and occupational diseases. More @
Maxwell Blanche. Canada. Overtime. Youth 18–24
A film that follows a young construction worker on his daily routine. More @
David Thelier. France. In the oven and in the mill. Youth 18–24
Risks linked to the working hours/rythm of a baker. More @
David Thelier. France. If I had known. Youth 18–24
Rap video. A grandfather receives a visit from his grandson and warns him of the dangers of a carpenter's job. More @
Zie Abel Coulibaly. Cote D'Ivoire. Broken Dream. Youth 18–24
Wanting to take advantage of the annual vacation to earn some money, Samuel finds a job in a garage with the help of an older acquaintance. Unfortunately, in the absence of safety measures and instructions, he becomes the victim of an accident. More @
Valerie Carton. France. From school to work watch your posture! Youth 18–24
A film on the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders amongst care workers. More @
Lydia Ang. Singapore. Do's and Don'ts Labs and Workshop Edition. Youth 18–24
Do's and Don'ts of Labs and Workshop More @
Nur Chariroh Siswoyo Iskandar. Indonesia. Never Trade Your Safety. Youth 18–24
I want to say that youth safety at work is an important issue. More @
Annett Triemer. Germany. Noise terror. Youth 18–24
Cartoon on noise protection. More @
Soe Thiha Aung. Myanmar. Take care at your work! Youth 18–24
In the movie we compare an unsafe and a safe workplace. More @
Nancy Laroche Arnaud. France. Muscular warm-ups at work. Youth 18–24
Our film presents the importance of muscular warm-ups at work. More @
Hein Htun Lin. Myanmar. Avoid the elctric shock! Youth 18–24
This video shows examples that can save your life! More @
Andrijana Zafirovska. Macedonia. Occupational Safety and health in the coffee shop. Youth 18–24
This short video is designed to raise awareness among young people, to be informed about the persistent risks they face during their work. More @


Age group 18-24

Nyan Lin Tun, Aung Moe Thu. Myanmar. Safety First. Youth 18–24
Safety is essential to live a peaceful and valuable life. More @
Luidji Yeye. France. Bullying at work. Youth 18–24
Our film presents a slam poetry against moral harassment at work, especially harrassment perpetrated by some adults towards trainees... More @
Aron Toth. Hungary. Great Leader (Saves Us All the Time). Youth 18–24
The song talks about how negligent and inattentive employers might be towards their employees. It was written in an effort to raise a voice on behalf of workers in unsafe and unprotected working conditions. The main goal of the song is to draw employers’ attention to the unacceptable and, in fact, wrong policy they follow. More @
Cinthya Stefanny Cárcamo Anaya. Colombia. I'm going to take care of myself. Youth 18–24
The song invites all workers to take care of themselves, to take their time, to be cautious and to take into account the dangers and risks. More @
Manfredo Buitrón Rosas. Peru. As long as I care for myself. Youth 18–24
The song is about the love we should have towards ourselves, and reminds us of our childhood and the love of our family. It is supposed to increase workers' awareness of the risks they face, to encourage their sense of self-love with the aim to avoid accidents and to build a culture of prevention in the family. More @


Age group 18-24

Moises Gomez. Colombia. Out of sight, out of mind. Youth 18–24

Gustavo is a young man who has been working for the last 12 years with his horse. He works every day and depends on his horse to support his family. Like Gustavo, many young people in Valledupar, Colombia quit school early and are pressured to choose between resorting to crime or menial labor due to job shortages to provide for their families.

Allan Lloyd Viernes. Philippines. DE(ath)VELOPMENT. Youth 18–24

An edited photo depicting linemen above water. The linemen captured were installing cables for a power line in Manila, Philippines.  

Moises Gomez. Colombia. Fighting for a dream. Youth 18–24

Jeff, 22, works as an assistant in the construction industry. He works more than 8 hours every day for a wage of around 9 dollars. In his work, Jeff performs activities like wall demolition and cement work among others. People who hire Jeff do not provide or require any type of protection at work. Jeff works to support his mum and to continue his evening studies. His dream is to become a Systems Engineer.

Laura Born. Germany. Safety first! Youth 18–24

The topic of our collage is about safety and its measures that can be taken to prevent risks at work. To visualize safety measures for work we have thought about what defines work for us. 

Dornaz Hamzeheian. Iran. Safety. Youth 18–24

I saw an unsafe job and posture so I decieded to take a photo from it, to explain about it and to give suggestion to eliminate the hazard.

Zohreh Amrollahi. Iran. Unsafe work. Youth 18–24

I took pictures of dangerous work and bad postures that I saw throughout the day.

Poster / Drawing

Age group 15-17

Nyan Lin Htet. Myanmar. Workplace Safety and Health Synergy. Youth 15–17 

For a youth to be safe@work, it is crucial to have a synergy approach by Self (employee), Employer, Community and Government.

Nyan Lin Htet. Myanmar. Look, Think, Do. Youth 15–17 

Look out for the hazards and the risk of falling objects from above which can hurt you. 


Şeyma Erìllì. Turkey. Miner. Youth 15–17 

I drew the picture myself and it was fun to make it a gif. 


Selen Karaca. Turkey. Wear a Helmet. Youth 15–17 


Selen Karaca. Turkey. Don't Take Risk. Youth 15–17

Eva Kostova. Macedonia. Proper sitting position. Youth 15–17 

This drawing is a reminder for all young people to raise their awareness and get familiar with the dangers that they will faced at the workplace from the very youngest age.

Şeyma Erìllì. Turkey. Knight. Youth 15–17 

Put on your armour first! 

Şeyma Erìllì. Turkey. Graveyard. Youth 15–17 

Don't make where you work where you die. 

Spelmen Ruffina Charles Babu. Singapore. Simple Safety (1). Youth 15–17

My poster shows how simple it is to follow safety . My message is that safety is our responsibility and it is very easy to follow.


Spelmen Ruffina Charles Babu. Singapore. Simple Safety (2). Youth 15–17

My poster will help people know that Safety is simple to follow and it is our responsibility to follow it.

Selen Karaca. Turkey. Security. Youth 15–17 

Age group 18-24

Keyla Liliana Patiño Zambrano. Colombia. Without thinking about the risks. Youth 18–24

Through this poster, I wanted each person to become aware of construction sites that are not safe for workers, who are risking their lives at work.

Lalu Renaldi Dwi Pradanas Lalu. Indonesia. Protection benefit and unprotect loss. Youth 18–24

Self Protective tool is a device used to control the danger factor is commonly used by the worker to protect all parts of the body which the vulnerable will work accident.

Hein Min Htet. Myanmar. Stay safe, be a happy family! Youth 18–24

We created drawings about construction work. We show the dangers that occur when working on top of a high building. If you work at an unsafe place, think about the consequences! In Myanmar we see unsafe workplaces every day.

Anna Gerencsér. Hungary. Let's build a safer future together! Youth 18–24

Lee Xue Xin Lee. Singapore. Hazard Monsters. Youth 18–24

A girl is surrounded by hazardous monsters at work, these monsters reflect hazards that happens daily around the world, so it takes awareness and responsibility to keep them away.

Soe Nyi Nyi Tun. Myanmar. Do it. Youth 18–24

 In the poster a small safety guide shows us what we should always keep in mind. Do it! Use safety measures.

Pavithran Murugason. Singapore. Protect ur hands. Youth 18–24

Hey what's up? Just don't do what he is doing! Thanks!

Timo Justus. Germany. Noise, modern torture. Youth 18–24

Story and drawing to the topic 'Noise'.


Age group 15-17

Teodora Atanasovska. Macedonia. Questionnaire about safety at work. Youth 15–17

The aim of this project is to face consciousness of medical personnel, for their safety at work. The results are presented in percentage and also, with charts.

Edwin Sean Mañoza. Philippines. Brendon's Burden. Youth 15–17 

A boy lost his father due to a mishap at a construction company suspected to not observe safety precautions at work. He gets adopted by a rescuer and learns a lot of insights in his experience. He then decides to be a volunteer.

Veronika Stanoevska. Macedonia. Occupational safety in laboratories. Youth 15–17

We conclude that the laboratories should have greater protection, the laboratory technicians should be well trained, updated every day with the latest information on protection recommended by the World Health Organization.

Denis Dodevski. Macedonia. How to protect from danger while working in everyday life! Youth 15–17 

How to protect from danger while working in everyday life! People say work is the thing that makes us special. Every person should be hardworking and dedicate to what he does. Respect the work procedures and feel safe at your work place.

Age group 18-24

Kamissoko Mariam Ly Marie Jo. Ivory Coast. A dose of caution. Youth 18–24

The story is about a young worker who becomes victim of a work accident. It promotes young workers’ awareness of safety at work. In the Ivory Coast, it is estimated that on average more than 50% of victims of industrial accidents or occupational diseases are persons under 30 years of age.

Nur Chariroh Siswoyo Iskandar. Indonesia. Story of my neighbor. Youth 18–24

This is the story of my neighbor. He was twenty-five years old. He died because he fell down fifteen meters from the staircase. He was not wearing a full body safety harness. Lack of awareness and lack of technical knowledge are two factors behind this accident. Every worker has a right to ask for technical training. Keep in mind that safety is number one priority.

Htain Htain Thar. Myanmar.   Who is more important? Youth 18–24

In this cartoon movie, a helmet and a glove are discussing about who is the most important PPE for safety at the workplace. All PPEs go together hand in hand. It is important to carefully combine and not just use one!

Tam Nguyen. Vietnam. Cliché on young high-tech employees’ glamourous workplace (or What holds true to young high-tech workers in the 4th industrial revolution). Youth 18–24

This short dialogue talks about the cliché of people on high-tech employees, the truth about them and some solutions.

Elise Saade. Belgium. An untold story. Youth 18–24

A young worker is trying to change the world by telling his own story about the conditions he was exposed to during work. I have always believed in the power of words and I strongly believe that now more than ever we can only have words and still make an impact.

Quynh La. Vietnam. It's a pitty that we had to say 'I wish'. Youth 18–24

My story comes from the real story about my uncle. His death related to traffic safety, made me feel sad a long time. I think traffic safety is substantial for everyone to protect themselves from any damages. Speak up for the future of every worker and the future of the next generations so we will not have to say ''I WISH''

Myo Myat Khaing. Myanmar. Safety - especially for youth. Youth 18–24

I wrote a short essay about my thoughts on safety. We learn about safety in our school, but we see the workplaces outside that are so unsafe. So it is really our task to talk and write about safety.

Juan Carlos García Hernández. Spain. The color of prevention. Youth 18–24

A company in which young people work, presents a series of dangers, and it is necessary that all members collaborate to adopt appropriate preventive measures and to raise awareness about the importance of prevention of occupational risks.

Cinthya Stefanny Cárcamo Anaya. Colombia. Overcoming risks to achieve your dreams. Youth 18–24

Juanito Perez, a 17 year old young man leaves every day to work to earn money for his brother and sisters and himself, who were abandoned by their parents. At work, he faces hazards of all kinds; however he cares for himself and takes measures to reduce risks, in order to still have the opportunity to fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor.

Clarisse Inao. Philippines. This is how we do quarterly company meetings. Youth 18–24

The author is describing how her first job, her first corporate meeting, her first bosses, changed the way how she imagined corporate meetings would be.

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