Tips For Submissions - Song


  • Write your own song about safety and health and young workers - lyrics and melody and… record it!
  • If you play an instrument or include someone else playing an instrument, even better.
  • Do you belong to a music group or band? We would love to hear what you have to say about the importance of safe working conditions for young people.
  • It could tell the story of a dangerous work situation - seen through your eyes.
    The lyrics could tell how you would like to help promote safety and health awareness among young workers.
  • Your song could also include a video of you (and your friends) performing – just be sure that the lyrics, the melody, and the images, pictures etc, in your video are yours to share.

Helpful hints

  • The song should be be engaging and help raise awareness on improving safety and health at work for youth.
  • If you write your song in a language other than English, Spanish or French, please include a translation and provide a summary of the song concept in English, Spanish or French.
  • If you make a video, you need to obtain consent from anyone whose image is identifiable in the film.


  • There is no time limit with respect to the duration of your song.
  • Formats for online submission: .mp3, .wma or .wav.
  • Or wmv, mp2, mp4, mov or avi if you provide a video.
  • Submit your contribution online: Entry Form
    Please note: If you are under 18, you must have your parent or legal guardian’s consent to upload files onto the website. For further information see the Entry Form
  • Your art work can also be sent in by mail to: SafeYouth@Work Media Competition, C/O 3c Creative Communication Concepts, Destouchesstrasse 68, 80796 Munich, GERMANY.
  • Formats for postal delivery: DVDs (PAL/NTSC), data CDs/DVDs.

For further important information please look here: Terms of Participation