Winners age group 15-17

And the winners are…


Ethan Eigenfeldt. Canada. Find Your Voice. Youth 15–17
A group of workers are silenced and put into an evil corporate company. More @
Spencer David. Canada. Workplace Bullying. Youth 15–17
Bullying doesn't just happen to kids. More @

Poster / Drawing


Nyan Lin Htet. Myanmar. Look, Think, Do. Youth 15–17 

Look out for the hazards and the risk of falling objects from above which can hurt you. 


Şeyma Erìllì. Turkey. Miner. Youth 15–17 

I drew the picture myself and it was fun to make it a gif. 


Selen Karaca. Turkey. Wear a Helmet. Youth 15–17 




Teodora Atanasovska. Macedonia. Questionnaire about safety at work. Youth 15–17

The aim of this project is to face consciousness of medical personnel, for their safety at work. The results are presented in percentage and also, with charts.



Winners age group 18 - 24

And the winners are…


Thi Phuong Nguyen. Vietnam. Learn from others' mistakes. Youth 18–24
Learn from others’ mistakes so that you will never do the same! Wherever you work, whatever your job, use the right personal protective equipments! More @


Nyan Lin Tun. Myanmar. Safety First. Youth 18–24
Safety is essential to live a peaceful and valuable life. More @
Luidji Yeye. France. Bullying at work. Youth 18–24
Our film presents a slam poetry against moral harassment at work, especially harrassment perpetrated by some adults towards trainees... More @



Moises Gomez. Colombia. Out of sight, out of mind. Youth 18–24

Gustavo is a young man who has been working for the last 12 years with his horse. He works every day and depends on his horse to support his family. Like Gustavo, many young people in Valledupar, Colombia quit school early and are pressured to choose between resorting to crime or menial labor due to job shortages to provide for their families.

Poster / Drawing


Keyla Liliana Patiño Zambrano. Colombia. Without thinking about the risks. Youth 18–24

Through this poster, I wanted each person to become aware of construction sites that are not safe for workers, who are risking their lives at work.


Kamissoko Mariam Ly Marie Jo. Ivory Coast. A dose of caution. Youth 18–24

The story is about a young worker who becomes victim of a work accident. It promotes young workers’ awareness of safety at work. In the Ivory Coast, it is estimated that on average more than 50% of victims of industrial accidents or occupational diseases are persons under 30 years of age.