Tips For Submissions - Film


  • ANY creative and engaging idea that speaks to young people.
  • The film clip can be a documentary, a film with actors, or an animated video – anything is possible, as long as something is “moving” and there is a clear story.
  • It doesn’t have to be perfect: use whatever tools you have. You don’t have a video camera, microphone and lightning? Not a problem. Smart phone video submissions are WELCOME!
  • Your film could tell a story - seen through your eyes - of the dangers faced by you, or someone you know, at work.
  • The film could show how you would tell the world about the importance of safety and health at work for youth - think BIG, be creative!

Helpful hints

  • The story has to be relevant to the MEDIA COMPETITION theme.
  • It should be engaging.
  • It should communicate a clear plot – for example: “Every day I face XXXX danger at work, this is how I feel about it, so I have a plan to make my work safer, here is my plan, I think people would work better if they felt safe at work”.
  • Your film should talk about the subject in a way that captures the attention of young people and others.
  • If your film is in a language other than English, French or Spanish, please include a translation of text, and subtitles of your film in English, Spanish or French.
  • Remember, you need to obtain consent from anyone whose image is identifiable in the film.
  • You are free to use music available here for your film, it contains all licenses: Click here - If you wish to use any other music, you are responsible for obtaining all rights and licenses.


  • Length of the clip: 0:30 – 3:30 minutes.
  • Formats for online submission: .wmv, .mp4, .mov or .avi.
    Please note: Compressed files only! Uncompressed data or files submitted in other formats or forms cannot be considered for participation. The file size may not exceed 1,000 megabytes.
  • Submit your contribution online: Entry Form
  • Please note: If you are under 18, you must have your parent or legal guardian’s consent to upload files onto the website. For further information see the Entry Form
  • Your art work can also be sent in by mail to: SafeYouth@Work Media Competition, c/o 3c Creative Communication Concepts, Destouchesstrasse 68, 80796 Munich, GERMANY.
  • Formats for postal delivery: DVDs (PAL/NTSC), data CDs/DVDs.

For further important information please look here: Terms of Participation