Every day, approximately 6,400 people die from occupational accidents or diseases and 860,000 people are injured on the job. Younger workers suffer the highest rate of work-related injuries, due to: lack of awareness of safety rules and worker rights; limited job skills and work experience; lack of training in job tasks, hazard prevention or avoiding exposure to harmful agents; long working hours and unsuitable job assignments. 

The ILO SafeYouth@Work project aims to promote the occupational safety and health (OSH) of young workers, with a focus on those aged 15 to 24. SafeYouth@Work operates at a national systems level to build a sustainable and prevention-focused OSH culture. The US Department of Labor-funded project is a cornerstone of the ILO’s OSH Global Action for Prevention (OSH GAP) Flagship Programme  and is based on improved performance in four strategic areas:

1. OSH Data and Information  including reporting of occupational accidents and diseases
2. OSH Law and Policy  
3. OSH Capacity 
4. OSH Knowledge and Awareness 

Key Achievements So Far:

  • The project team has developed a global strategy which can be adapted to each country’s national context. Comprehensive national scopes of work are being implemented in Myanmar Viet Nam  and the Philippines .
  • A comprehensive monitoring and evaluation plan has been established to document and illustrate project benchmarks.
  •  Successful launch of first-ever SafeYouth@Work Congress  in parallel to 2017 World Congress on Safety and Health at Work, connecting global OSH for Youth advocates with OSH experts and decision makers, and related Action Plan .