Safety-health and working conditions

This training manual is prepared as a tool for training people directly concerned with workplace improvements. The manual is aimed at managers, supervisors, workers, safety representatives and others in all kinds of industries. It is designed particularly for use in developing countries.

Instructional material | 01 January 1987
Today’s workplace is faced with rapid development and accelerating changes in technology. Economic and social developments are also changing the daily life of both blue and white collar worker. Improvements are expected but the conditions of work and the working environment of many workers still remain arduous. Also these changes give rise to new problems. Therefore in many countries the amount of accidents and health problems of workers are increasing. Can the conditions of work in different countries be improved now so as to meet the needs and the legitimate expectations of workers? This question is of prime importance to governments, employers and workers throughout the world.

This manual is the result of concerted efforts of the Swedish Joint Industrial Safety Council and the International Labour Office with support from the Swedish International Development Agency. The material has been developed in Sweden and tested with positive result in different countries.

The material covers safety, health and working conditions readings and discussion topics:
- Training for safety, health and working conditions;
- People, safety, health and technical equipment;
- Workplace climate, lighting and noise;
- Chemical risks to health;
- Ergonomics: fitting work to man;
- Work organisation and working time;
- Daily activity for safety, health and wellbeing.