Events and meetings

November 2009

  1. ILO Conference "Implementing Occupational Safety and Health Standards Globally", Düsseldorf, Germany, 3-6 November 2009

    3 - 6 November 2009

    The global financial crisis will have a profound effect on the world of work. The International ILO Safety Conference in Düsseldorf will bring together 300 participants from 60 countries around the world during the A+A Trade Fair to discuss the potential impacts of the global economic crisis on safety and health at workplaces.

June 2008

  1. XVIII World Congress on Safety and Health at Work - World Summit on Safety and Health

    29 June - 2 July 2008

    Over 4,000 industry leaders, policy-makers and specialists are to attend the largest international event on occupational safety and health, the World Congress on Safety and Health at Work, which opens in Seoul, Republic of Korea, on 29 June. Jointly organized every three years by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the International Social Security Association (ISSA), it aims at contributing to the development of a ‘preventative safety and health culture’ through the exchange of information, knowledge and experiences. The XVIII World Congress is hosted this year by the Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency (KOSHA), under the theme "Safety and health at work: A societal responsibility".