National occupational safety and health profile of Brunei Darussalam

This profile is intended demonstrate the current national status of OSH in the country. In order to achieve such a goal, it is important to reach out to relevant stakeholders from the public and private sectors. The objective of this profile is to assure that Brunei Darussalam has a benchmark for monitoring and assessing future OSH programmes and activities.

Policy | 28 April 2014
"A Safe, Healthy Working Environment and Productive Workforce through Proactive Preventive OSH Culture"

Strategic mission:
- To implement and enforce OSH legislation effectively;
- To develop competent and efficient workforce in OSH;
- To ensure strong tripartite involvement in raising OSH standards.

1. Legal and regulatory framework for OSH
2. Organisation structure on OSH
3. Working group for OSH
4. OSH inspection system
5. Coordination and collaboration mechanisms
6. International cooperation in OSH
7. OSH education and training
8. OSH manpower development
9. Workmen's compensation schemes
10. Challenges and recommendations on national OSH activities