February 2017

  1. VIth International Forum on Migration and Peace

    The role of the International Labour Organization in the current trends and challenges of migration and refugee policies and programmes

    21 February 2017

    Statement by Manuela Tomei, Director of the ILO's Conditions of Work and Employment Programme, to the VIth International Forum on Migration and Peace, Rome, 21 February 2017

November 2016

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    New publication

    ILO study highlights shrinking middle class in Europe

    23 November 2016

    New book calls for targeted policies to stop the erosion of the middle class in the European Union.

October 2016

  1. The Future of Work

    'Social dialogue is vital to meeting the challenge of the future of work'

    13 October 2016

    ILO Director-General addresses a meeting on the future of work between the Italian government and employers' and workers' organizations at the country's parliament in Rome.

June 2016

  1. Statement

    Statement by the Minister of Labour of the Republic of San Marino, Iro Belluzzi, to the 105th International Labour Conference

    09 June 2016

July 2014

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    Can you speak Italian?

    02 July 2014

    Italian companies are increasingly turning to Albanian migrant workers who are going back home to work at their call centres. An EU-funded ILO project is helping employment centres in Albania to modernize and to assist migrant workers looking for a new job.

June 2014

  1. Italy

    Promoting labour rights: A key role for Parliaments

    27 June 2014

    Ms Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry, Director, International Labour Standards Department of the ILO in Geneva, travelled to Rome to open the hearing at the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament organized by the Labour Commission on Wednesday, June 25 in Rome.

  2. International Labour Conference

    ILO: Italy elected President of the governmental group

    13 June 2014

    Italy has been elected president of the Governmental Group of the International Labour Organization (ILO) for 2014/2015.

March 2014

  1. Youth employment

    Youth Guarantees: an opportunity not to be wasted

    24 March 2014

    Joint ILO, Youth Intergroup of the European Parliament, Youth Intergroup of the Italian Parliament, press release, on the occasion of the seminar on «Youth Guarantees: a response to the youth employment crisis» held at the Chamber of Deputies, Rome, on 24 March.

November 2013

  1. Official visit

    Ryder and Italian leaders share views on jobs for youth and migration

    19 November 2013

    ILO Director-General and Italian President Giorgio Napolitano talked about the youth unemployment situation affecting the country, especially in the South.

October 2013

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    Labour migration

    The Lampedusa tragedy reminds us of palpable policy failures on migration

    06 October 2013