September 2022

  1. © ILO 2022

    Mental health at work

    WHO and ILO call for new measures to tackle mental health issues at work

    28 September 2022

    New global WHO guidelines on mental health at work are reinforced by practical strategies outlined in a joint WHO/ILO policy brief.

  2. © UN 2022

    77th UN General Assembly

    World leaders gather to address ‘interlocking’ crises

    14 September 2022

    At the UN General Assembly in New York the ILO will seek to alleviate the impact of humanitarian, economic and climate crises by rallying support for the Global Accelerator on Jobs and Social Protection.

  3. © Trafficking in Persons Office 2022

    Modern slavery

    50 million people worldwide in modern slavery

    12 September 2022

    Latest estimates show that forced labour and forced marriage have increased significantly in the last five years, according to the International Labour Organization, Walk Free and the International Organization for Migration.

  4. Comunicato per la stampa

    ILO, Walk Free and IOM to release latest Global Estimates of Modern Slavery

    12 September 2022

  5. © J.R. Donovan / IAEA 2022

    Terza conferenza internazionale sulla protezione contro le radiazioni professionali

    Exposure to ionizing occupational radiation affects over 24 million workers globally

    05 September 2022

    Over 500 experts from all over the world are to exchange information and experiences on strengthening the protection of workers from radiation.

August 2022

  1. © K. Ozvardar / ILO 2022

    Global Employment Trends for Youth 2022

    Recovery in youth employment is still lagging, says ILO

    11 August 2022

    A new report, issued ahead of International Youth Day, shows large regional differences in young people's prospects in the labour market.

  2. Press release

    Training to the access of refugees to the care and domestic work sectors

    01 August 2022

July 2022

  1. © ILO 2022

    Gender equality

    Women in the health and care sector earn 24 per cent less than men

    13 July 2022

    The most comprehensive global analysis of gender pay inequalities in the health and care sector finds that women face a larger gender pay gap than other economic sectors.

  2. © ILO 2022

    Decent work in supply chains

    Tripartite working group agrees on a way forward for ILO work in supply chains

    05 July 2022

    The ILO will take a leading role in initiatives to achieve decent work in supply chains by providing guidance and support to Member States and tripartite constituents.

June 2022

  1. Press release

    Monitoring prevention and fight against labour exploitation within the Apulia Region

    20 June 2022