Report of the Director-General I(B)

Fair migration: Setting an ILO agenda

Report of the ILO Director General to the International Labour Conference.

Conference paper | 09 May 2014
Migration is growing and is likely to continue to do so. It has moved centre stage in national, regional and global policy agendas, bringing with it not only a sense of urgency in societies and among decision makers, but also a set of controversies which can be damaging to social coherence if left unaddressed. Despite the positive experiences that can and should be cited, migration is still too frequently associated with unacceptable labour abuses in the face of which inaction is an abdication of responsibility. Building on the work that has been undertaken recently in the ILO and in the multilateral system at large, there is real need and advantage in taking stock of what has been done and then identifying with greater clarity what has still to be achieved.