ILO is a specialized agency of the United Nations

86th Session, 2 - 18 June 1998


Reports submitted to the Conference

Report I
Report of the Director-General: Activities of the ILO, 1996-97

ISBN 92-2-110649-7

Report of the Director-General - Appendix 

ISBN 92-2-110648-9

Report of the Chairperson of the Governing Body


Report II
Information concerning the Programme and Budget for 1998-99 and other financial and administrative questions

ISBN 92-2-110650-0

Report III (1A)
Report of the Committee of Experts on the Application of Conventions and Recommendations
-   General report
-   Observations concerning particular countries

ISBN 92-2-110651-9

Report III (1B)
General survey on the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (Disabled Persons) Convention (No. 159) and Recommendation (No. 168), 1983

ISBN 92-2-110652-7

General conditions to stimulate job creation
in small and medium-sized enterprises
-   Report IV (1) -- Proposed instruments
-   Report IV (2A) -- Summary of replies; Office commentaries
-   Report IV (2B) -- Proposed Recommendation


ISBN 92-2-110654-3
ISBN 92-2-110655-1
ISBN 92-2-010656-6

Contract labour
-   Report V (1) -- Proposed instruments
-   Report V (2A) -- Summary of replies; Office commentaries
-   Report V (2B) -- Proposed Convention; proposed Recommendation
Report V (2B) -- Addendum

ISBN 92-2-110659-4
ISBN 92-2-110657-8
ISBN 92-2-010658-2

Child labour
-   Report VI (1) -- Preliminary report on law and practice; questionnaire
-   Report VI (2) -- Summary of replies; Office commentaries;
     proposed conclusions

ISBN 92-2-110328-5
ISBN 92-2-110660-8

-   Report VII -- Consideration of a possible Declaration of principles of the International Labour Organization concerning fundamental rights and its appropriate follow-up mechanism

ISBN 92-2-110665-9

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