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276th Session
Geneva, November 1999

Working Party on Policy regarding the Revision of Standards



Deferred examination of Convention No. 132
(Short survey)

1. In the context of the Working Party on Policy regarding the Revision of Standards, a first examination of the Holidays with Pay Convention (Revised), 1970 (No. 132), was undertaken in March 1997. This examination resulted in a decision to request information from member States on the obstacles and difficulties affecting ratification and on the possible need for revision of Convention No. 132. The Convention was re-examined in March 1998 in the light of the results of consultations held during 1997-98. After this re-examination, the Governing Body decided that a short survey concerning Convention No. 132 should be carried out.(1) 

2. Following the Governing Body's decision, Mr. Roger Blanpain, Professor at the Faculties of Law of Leuven (Belgium) and Tilburg (Netherlands), was commissioned to carry out the requested short survey in his capacity as an independent expert with substantial international expertise. While the short survey has been carried out, consultations within the Office on some of the issues raised therein could not be concluded to permit the finalization of the short survey in due time for the present session of the Governing Body. It will thus be submitted for examination by the Working Party at the 277th Session (March 2000) of the Governing Body.

Geneva, 15 October 1999.


1. GB.271/LILS/5(Rev.1), Appendix I to GB.271/11/2.

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