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276th Session
Geneva, November 1999

Programme, Financial and Administrative Committee



Financial arrangements for a Commission of Inquiry concerning the
observance by Colombia of the Freedom of Association and Protection
of the Right to Organise Convention, 1948 (No. 87), and the Right
to Organise and Collective Bargaining Convention, 1949 (No. 98)

1. At its 274th Session (March 1999) the Governing Body considered a report of its Committee on Freedom of Association on a complaint made by delegates to the 86th Session (1998) of the Conference under article 26 of the Constitution of the ILO against the Government of Colombia, as well as on a number of cases concerning Colombia.(1)  In accordance with the usual practice, in anticipation of a possible decision to exercise its powers under article 26.4 of the Constitution to appoint a commission of inquiry, the Governing Body approved financial arrangements to enable such a commission to proceed with its work.

2. The Governing Body decided to postpone a decision on the establishment of a commission of inquiry to its 276th Session (November 1999).(2)  As a consequence, no expenditure relating to the work of the commission will be charged in the present biennium, nor was it possible to include budgetary provision for expenditure in Part I of the Programme and the Budget proposals for 2000-01 to be considered at the 276th Session.

3. The estimated cost of the commission has been updated to take into account the possible rescheduling and the new financial factors (cost increases and budget rate of exchange) for the 2000-01 biennium. It is estimated that the cost of the commission in the biennium 2000-01 will amount to $528,000, and it is proposed that this cost would in the first instance be financed by savings that could arise under Part I of the budget and that, should this not prove possible, the Director-General would propose alternative methods of financing at a later stage in the biennium.

4. The Committee may therefore wish to recommend that the Governing Body rescind its decision taken at the 274th Session concerning financing arrangements and that, should it decide to establish a commission of inquiry concerning Colombia --

(a) an honorarium at the rate of $300 per day be paid to each member of the commission of inquiry;

(b) the cost of the commission in 2000-01, estimated at $528,000, be financed in the first instance from savings in Part I of the budget on the understanding that, should it subsequently prove impossible, the Director-General would propose alternative methods of financing at a later stage in the biennium.

Geneva, 1 September 1999.

Point for decision: Paragraph 4.

1. GB.274/8/2.

2. GB.274/8/2, para. 141.

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