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276th Session
Geneva, November 1999

Programme, Financial and Administrative Committee



International Training Centre of the ILO, Turin

(a) Documents submitted to the 61st Session of the Board of the Centre
(Geneva, 3 November 1999)

1. In accordance with the Governing Body's decision at its 222nd Session (February-March 1983),(1)  the financial reports and documents that are submitted to the Governing Body by the Board of the Turin Centre are routed in the first instance to the Programme, Financial and Administrative Committee for its observations and recommendations.

2. Appended are the main documents prepared for the 61st Session of the Board:

CC 61/2 - Director's report on the activities of the Centre in 1997.

CC 61/2/Add.1 - Report on the personnel administration of the Centre.

CC 61/2/Add.2 - Report on the general administration of the Centre.

CC 61/2/Add.3 - Financial statements and External Auditor's report for the financial year 1 January to 31 December 1998.

CC 61/3 - Report on the implementation of the programme and budget for the current financial year (1999) and programme and budget proposals for the 2000 financial year.

CC 61/6 - Second Five-Year Development Plan: Investments.

CC 61/6/a - New target level of the Working Capital Fund of the Centre.

3. Since the meeting of the Board will finish only shortly before the Committee meets, the Board's report will be distributed during the session.

Geneva, 26 October 1999.

1. GB.222/10/31, para. 46.

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