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276th Session
Geneva, November 1999

Programme, Financial and Administrative Committee



Financial questions relating to the
International Institute for Labour Studies

(a) Programme and Budget for 2000-01

1. The Board of the International Institute for Labour Studies will consider at its 41st Session, on 11 November 1999, the programme and budget proposals of the Institute for 2000-01.

2. Following its consideration of these proposals, the Board will be called upon, in accordance with article II, paragraph 6, of the Regulations of the Institute, to transmit the programme to the Governing Body for endorsement and the budget for final approval.

3. Since the Board will not meet before the Committee begins its sittings, and in order to avoid placing the programme and budget proposals before the Committee at the last minute, a copy of the document(1)  in which they are contained is being circulated in advance as the appendix to the present paper. Circulation of the document at this stage is, of course, entirely without prejudice to whatever action the Board may take in relation to the proposals.

Geneva, 26 October 1999.

1. INS.B.XLI/3.

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