ILO is a specialized agency of the United Nations

268th Session
Geneva, March 1997
  Committee on Sectoral and Technical Meetings
and Related Issues


  1. Composition and purpose of the sectoral meetings to be held in 1998-99.

  2. Effect to be given to the recommendations of the Tripartite Meeting on Improving the Conditions of Employment and Work of Agricultural Wage Workers in the Context of Economic Restructuring (Geneva, 23-27 September 1996).

  3. Report of the Joint Maritime Commission (28th Session, Geneva, 22 October 1996).

  4. Effect to be given to the Tripartite Meeting on the Globalization of the Footwear, Textiles and Clothing Industries: Effects on Employment and Working Conditions (Geneva, 28 October-1 November 1996).

  5. Invitation of non-governmental international organizations:

    1. Meeting of Experts on Safety and Health in Forest Work;

    2. Tripartite Meeting on the Iron and Steel Workforce of the Twenty-first Century: What it will be like and how it will work;

    3. Tripartite Meeting on Breaking through the Glass Ceiling: Women in Management.

  6. Other questions.

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