ILO is a specialized agency of the United Nations

268th Session
Geneva, March 1997
  Programme, Financial and Administrative Committee PFA  


  1. Programme and Budget for 1996-97 --

    1. Position of accounts as at 31 December 1996.
    2. Collection of contributions from 1 January 1997 to date.

  2. Effect given to the External Auditor's report on the accounts for 1994-95.

  3. Report of the Chief Internal Auditor.

  4. Report of the Building Subcommittee.

  5. Delegation of authority under article 18 of the Standing Orders of the Conference.

  6. Programme and Budget proposals for 1998-99.

  7. Other financial and general questions.

  8. Personnel questions

  9. Amendments to the Staff Regulations.

  10. Composition and structure of the staff.

  11. Decisions of the United Nations General Assembly on the recommendations of the International Civil Service Commission.

  12. Pensions questions:

    1. Decisions of the United Nations General Assembly on the report of the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Board;
    2. Report of the Administrative Board of the ILO Staff Pensions Fund.

  13. Matters relating to the ILO Administrative Tribunal.

  14. Other personnel questions.

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