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268th Session
Geneva, March 1997
Programme, Financial and Administrative Committee PFA


Amendments to the Staff Regulations

Selection procedures and the Selection Board


1. Since issuing the paper for discussion and decision on the above subject (GB.268/PFA/8), the Personnel Department and the staff representatives have had further consultations. The staff representatives have indicated that they believe that the paragraph for decision in GB.268/PFA/8 could be misleading, and have requested that it be reworded to reflect more clearly that the Staff Regulations are not being changed at this time.

2. The Director-General has considered this request and has no difficulty in rewording the paragraph for decision in order to provide greater clarity and avoid possible misunderstanding. Paragraph 17 of document GB.268/PFA/8 should accordingly read as follows:

3. In the same light, the Director-General wishes to clarify that Appendix I to the Office paper contains the amendments to the Staff Regulations that were submitted to the Administrative Committee (see paragraph 12 in GB.268/PFA/8). These changes will now be promulgated through circulars.

4. The Committee is therefore invited to approve the above text as the point for decision on this item.

Geneva, 17 March 1997.

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