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268th Session
Geneva, March 1997
Programme, Financial and Administrative Committee PFA


Other financial and general questions

Report of the Joint Inspection Unit of the United Nations
on its activities for the year ended 30 June 1996

1. This is the 29th annual report(1) of the Joint Inspection Unit. It includes information on the participating organizations, the composition of the Unit, its secretariat and programme of work. It also describes measures taken within the JIU to improve its functioning and includes the Unit's views and proposals for enhancing follow-up on and implementation of the recommendations contained in its reports by the agencies of the United Nations system.

2. Annex I to the annual report includes the internal standards and guidelines applied by the Unit in planning and conducting inspections, evaluations and investigations. In accordance with the practice introduced last year, the annual report contains a list of the reports (Annex II) issued during the reporting period, without elaborating on their substance or the recommendations.

3. The following system-wide reports, listed in Annex II, will be submitted to the Programme, Financial and Administrative Committee or to the Committee on Technical Cooperation (TC) once the comments of the Administrative Committee on Coordination (ACC) on the reports are issued:

4. Two other reports listed in Annex II were submitted to the Committee on Technical Cooperation in November 1996.(2)

5. Copies of the annual report of the Joint Inspection Unit on its activities are available for consultation.

Geneva, 12 February 1997.

1 United Nations General Assembly, Official Records -- Fifty-first Session, Supplement No. 34 (A/51/34).

2 GB.267/TC/4: United Nations system support for science and technology in Asia and the Pacific (JIU/REP/95/7) and Evaluation of the United Nations New Agenda for the Development of Africa in the 1990s (UN-NADAF): Towards a more operational approach? (JIU/REP/95/12).

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