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268th Session
Geneva, March 1997
Programme, Financial and Administrative Committee PFA


Progress report on the extension of the premises
for the ILO Regional Office for Africa in Abidjan

1. At its 267th Session (November 1996), the Governing Body approved the construction of four floors of offices (instead of the two floors initially planned).(1)

2. In cooperation with the architect, the Office has gone ahead with the revised plan of the building, according to the new technical and architectural specifications of the modified project. The contract with EIRB, the enterprise responsible for the construction work, is accordingly being adjusted to take into account the changes in the daywork scheduled under the original project. The Abidjan public works department has approved the new plans.

3. A mission was sent to Abidjan at the beginning of February 1997 to visit the site, assess the progress made and coordinate the work still to be carried out by EIRB.

4. Since the resumption of work in December 1996 and at the time of writing this report, the enterprise has finished the trench bottom and the braces (walls perpendicular to the earth pressure). The base slab has been completed and the formwork for the second basement walls is being prepared. The lift shaft and stairwell have also been completed up to the second basement. The excavation can now be filled in accordance with the recommendations of the civil engineer(2) appointed by the Office following the cave-in.

5. The structural work is due to be finished in May 1997 and the building should be ready for use by the end of this year.

Geneva, 4 March 1997.

1. GB.267/8/1, para. 22(a).

2. GB.267/PFA/BS/1.

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