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Special Supplement

About the ILR

    The International Labour Review is a peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journal of international scope in labour and employment studies. Established in 1921 by decision of the ILO Governing Body, it is published quarterly in English, French and Spanish and administered by the ILO Research Department.
    The ILR aims to advance academic research and inform policy debate and decision-making in all fields related to the world of work, such as economics, law, industrial relations, social policy, sociology and history, by publishing and bringing together the original thinking of academics and experts in those fields. It also features concise reports on current developments and reviews of recent major publications considered to be of particular interest to those working in these fields.

Special Supplement - The International Labour Review and the ILO: Milestones in a shared history

    The International Labour Review will soon celebrate its 100th anniversary. Looking back over its history, this retrospective Special Supplement reproduces a number of articles written for the Review by winners of the Nobel Peace Prize or the Nobel Prize for Economics.

Vol. 158 (2019), No. 4

  • Introduction: What does the future promise for work, employment and society?, by U. RANI and D. GRIMSHAW
  • Whither the evolution of the contemporary social fabric? New technologies and old socio-economic trends, by G. DOSI and M. E. VIRGILLITO
  • Three scenarios for the future of work, by D. MÉDA
  • Keynes’s grandchildren and Marx’s gig workers: Why human labour still matters, by H. R. EKBIA and B. A. NARDI
  • The link between economic and social upgrading in global supply chains: Experiences from the Southern Cone, by G. REINECKE and A. POSTHUMA
  • Predatory purchasing practices in global apparel supply chains and the employment relations squeeze in the Indian garment export industry, by M. ANNER
  • Gender and governance of global value chains: Promoting the rights of women workers, by S. BARRIENTOS, L. BIANCHI and C. BERMAN

The International Labour Review is a member of the International Association of Labour Law Journals

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