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The ILO Friends Newsletter was launched in May 1986. Its main purpose was to help build a “community spirit” among former officials. It did this by:

  • furthering contacts among former officials and with the ILO itself;
  • arranging reunions of former officials
  • encouraging contacts between former and serving officials;
  • disseminating information on all matters of interest to former officials;
  • encouraging articles on past experiences.

During its 30 years of existence, it evolved and become a useful medium for information on questions of historical and anecdotal interest. It also covered views and opinions on general questions touching the ILO and the UN System as a whole. It proved of interest not only to former officials in general but also to scholars and students.

The Newsletter was created in 1986 and edited by Aamir Ali until May 2009; Jack Martin joined him as Co-Editor in 1996, and Fiona Rolian joined the team in 2003. Jack Martin became Editor in 2009, and Zafar Shaheed joined him as Co-Editor in May 2010. It ceased publication in May 2016 after 60 issues.

An “ILO Friends” Facebook page has been created for those wishing to remain in touch with ILO colleagues, news and events. Enquiries or general correspondence can be addressed to

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