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    Social work professionals provide guidance to clients in social and related matters to enable them to find and use resources to overcome difficulties and achieve particular goals.

    Tasks include

    (a) helping individuals and families with personal and social problems;

    (b) collecting information relevant to clients' needs and advising them on their rights and obligations;

    (c) analysing the client's situation and presenting alternative approaches to resolving problems;

    (d) compiling case records or reports for courts and other legal proceedings;

    (e) planning, evaluating, improving and developing welfare services;

    (f) working to prevent development of delinquency or to achieve rehabilitation of delinquents by organising and supervising social, recreational and educational activities in youth clubs, community centres and similar organisations, or by other means;

    (g) helping physically or mentally handicapped persons to obtain adequate treatment and improve their ability to function in society;

    (h) planning, organising or providing home-help services;

    (i) performing related tasks;

    (j) supervising other workers.

    Examples of the occupations classified here:

  • Social worker, professional

  • Social worker, professional/enterprise

  • Welfare worker, professional

  • Some related occupations classified elsewhere:

  • Social worker, associate professional - 3460

  • Social worker, associate professional/enterprise - 3460

  • Welfare worker, associate professional - 3460

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