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Major, Minor and Unit Groups
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0/1 :Professional, Technical and Related Workers

0-1 Physical Scientists and Related Technicians
0-11 Chemists
0-12 Physicists
0-13 Physical scientists not elsewhere classified
0-14 Physical science technicians

0-2/0-3 Architects, Engineers and Related Technicians
0-21 Architects and town planners
0-22 Civil engineers
0-23 Electrical and electronics engineers
0-24 Mechanical engineers
0-25 Chemical engineers
0-26 Metallurgists
0-27 Mining engineers
0-28 Industrial engineers
0-29 Engineers not elsewhere classified
0-31 Surveyors
0-32 Draughtsmen
0-33 Civil engineering technicians
0-34 Electrical and electronics engineering technicians
0-35 Mechanical engineering technicians
0-36 Chemical engineering technicians
0-37 Metallurgical technicians
0-38 Mining technicians
0-39 Engineering technicians not elsewhere classified

0-4 Aircraft and Ships' Officers
0-41 Aircraft pilots, navigators and flight engineers
0-42 Ships' deck officers and pilots
0-43 Ships' engineers

0-5 Life Scientists and Related Technicians
0-51 Biologists, zoologists and related scientists
0-52 Bacteriologists, pharmacologists and related scientists
0-53 Agronomists and related scientists
0-54 Life sciences technicians

0-6/0-7 Medical, Dental, Veterinary and Related Workers
0-61 Medical doctors
0-62 Medical assistants
0-63 Dentists
0-64 Dental assistants
0-65 Veterinarians
0-66 Veterinary assistants
0-67 Pharmacists
0-68 Pharmaceutical assistants
0-69 Dietitians and public health nutritionists
0-71 Professional nurses
0-72 Nursing personnel not elsewhere classified
0-73 Professional midwives
0-74 Midwifery personnel not elsewhere classified
0-75 Optometrists and opticians
0-76 Physiotherapists and occupational therapists
0-77 Medical X-ray technicians
0-79 Medical, dental, veterinary and related workers not elsewhere classified

0-8 Statisticians, Mathematicians, Systems Analysts and Related Technicians
0-81 Statisticians
0-82 Mathematicians and actuaries
0-83 Systems Analysts
0-84 Statistical and mathematical technicians

0-9 Economists
0-90 Economists

1-1 Accountants
1-10 Accountants

1-2 Jurists
1-21 Lawyers
1-22 Judges
1-29 Jurists not elsewhere classified

1-3 Teachers
1-31 University and higher education teachers
1-32 Secondary education teachers
1-33 Primary education teachers
1-34 Pre-primary education teachers
1-35 Special education teachers
1-39 Teachers not elsewhere classified

1-4 Workers in Religion
1-41 Ministers of religion and related members of religious orders
1-49 Workers in religion not elsewhere classified

1-5 Authors, Journalists and Related Writers
1-51 Authors and critics
1-59 Authors, journalists and related writers not elsewhere classified

1-6 Sculptors, Painters, Photographers and Related Creative Artists
1-61 Sculptors, painters and related artists
1-62 Commercial artists and designers
1-63 Photographers and cameramen

1-7 Composers and Performing Artists
1-71 Composers, musicians and singers
1-72 Choreographers and dancers
1-73 Actors and stage directors
1-74 Producers, performing arts
1-75 Circus performers
1-79 Performing artists not elsewhere classified

1-8 Athletes, Sportsmen and Related Workers
1-80 Athletes, sportsmen and related workers

1-9 Professional, Technical and Related Workers Not Elsewhere Classified
1-91 Librarians, archivists and curators
1-92 Sociologists, anthropologists and related scientists
1-93 Social workers
1-94 Personnel and occupational specialists
1-95 Philologists, translators and interpreters
1-99 Other professional, technical and related workers

2 : Administrative and Managerial Workers

2-0 Legislative Officials and Government Administrators
2-01 Legislative officials
2-02 Government administrators

2-1 Managers
2-11 General managers
2-12 Production managers (except farm)
2-19 Managers not elsewhere classified

3 : Clerical and Related Workers

3-0 Clerical Supervisors
3-00 Clerical supervisors

3-1 Government Executive Officials
3-10 Government executive officials

3-2 Stenographers, Typists and Card- and Tape-Punching Machine Operators
3-21 Stenographers, typists and teletypists
3-22 Card- and tape-punching machine operators

3-3 Bookkeepers, Cashiers and Related Workers
3-31 Bookkeepers and cashiers
3-39 Bookkeepers, cashiers and related workers not elsewhere classified

3-4 Computing Machine Operators
3-41 Bookkeeping and calculating machine operators
3-42 Automatic data-processing machine operators

3-5 Transport and Communications Supervisors
3-51 Railway station masters
3-52 Postmasters
3-59 Transport and communications supervisors not elsewhere classified

3-6 Transport Conductors
3-60 Transport conductors

3-7 Mail Distribution Clerks
3-70 Mail distribution clerks

3-8 Telephone and Telegraph Operators
3-80 Telephone and telegraph operators

3-9 Clerical and Related Workers Not Elsewhere Classified
3-91 Stock clerks
3-92 Material and production planning clerks
3-93 Correspondence and reporting clerks
3-94 Receptionists and travel agency clerks
3-95 Library and filing clerks
3-99 Clerks not elsewhere classified

4 :Sales Workers

4-0 Managers (Wholesale and Retail Trade)
4-00 Managers (wholesale and retail trade)

4-1 Working Proprietors (Wholesale and Retail Trade)
4-10 Working proprietors (wholesale and retail trade)

4-2 Sales Supervisors and Buyers
4-21 Sales supervisors
4-22 Buyers

4-3 Technical Salesmen, Commercial Travellers and Manufacturers' Agents
4-31 Technical salesmen and service advisers
4-32 Commercial travellers and Manufacturers' agents

4-4 Insurance, Real Estate, Securities and Business Services Salesmen and Auctioneers
4-41 Insurance, real estate and securities salesmen
4-42 Business services salesmen
4-43 Auctioneers

4-5 Salesmen, Shop Assistants and Related Workers
4-51 Salesmen, shop assistants and demonstrators
4-52 Street vendors, canvassers and newsvendors

4-9 Sales Workers Not Elsewhere Classified
4-90 Sales workers not elsewhere classified

5 : Service Workers

5-0 Managers (Catering and Lodging Services)
5-00 Managers (catering and lodging services)

5-1 Working Proprietors (Catering and Lodging Services)
5-10 Working proprietors (catering and lodging services)

5-2 Housekeeping and Related Service Supervisors
5-20 Housekeeping and related service supervisors

5-3 Cooks, Waiters, Bartenders and Relaters Workers
5-31 Cooks
5-32 Waiters, bartenders and related workers

5-4 Maids and Related Housekeeping Service Workers Not Elsewhere Classified
5-40 Maids and related housekeeping service workers not elsewhere classified

5-5 Building Caretakers, Charworkers, Cleaners and Related Workers
5-51 Building caretakers
5-52 Charworkers, cleaners and related workers

5-6 Launderers, Dry-Cleaners and Pressers
5-60 Launderers, dry-cleaners and pressers

5-7 Hairdressers, Barbers, Beauticians and Related Workers
5-70 Hairdressers, barbers, beauticians and related workers

5-8 Protective Service Workers
5-81 Fire-fighters
5-82 Policemen and detectives
5-89 Protective service workers not elsewhere classified

5-9 Service Workers Not Elsewhere Classified
5-91 Guides
5-92 Undertakers and embalmers
5-99 Other service workers

6 : Agricultural, Animal Husbandry and Forestry Workers, Fishermen and Hunters

6-0 Farm Managers and Supervisors
6-00 Farm managers and supervisors

6-1 Farmers
6-11 General farmers
6-12 Specialised farmers

6-2 Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Workers
6-21 General farm workers
6-22 Field crop and vegetable farm workers
6-23 Orchard, vineyard and related tree and shrub crop workers
6-24 Livestock workers
6-25 Dairy farm workers
6-26 Poultry farm workers
Nursery workers and gardeners
6-28 Farm machinery operators
6-29 Agricultural and animal husbandry workers not elsewhere classified

6-3 Forestry Workers
6-31 Loggers
6-32 Forestry workers (except logging)

6-4 Fishermen, Hunters and Related Workers
6-41 Fishermen
6-49 Fishermen, hunters and related workers not elsewhere classified

7-/8/9 : Production and Related Workers, Transport Equipment Operators and Labourers

7-0 Production Supervisors and General Foremen
7-00 Production supervisors and general foremen

7-1 Miners, Quarrymen, Well Drillers and Related Workers
7-11 Miners and quarrymen
7-12 Mineral and stone treaters
7-13 Well drillers, borers and related workers

7-2 Metal Processers
7-21 Metal smelting, converting and refining furnacemen
7-22 Metal rolling-mill workers
7-23 Metal melters and reheaters
7-24 Metal casters
7-25 Metal moulders and coremakers
7-26 Metal annealers, temperers and case-hardeners
7-27 Metal drawers and extruders
7-28 Metal platers and coaters
7-29 Metal processers not elsewhere classified

7-3 Wood Preparation Workers and Paper Makers
7-31 Wood treaters
7-32 Sawyers, plywood makers and related wood-processing workers
7-33 Paper pulp preparers
7-34 Paper makers

7-4 Chemical Processers and Related Workers
7-41 Crushers, grinders and mixers
7-42 Cookers, roasters and related heat-treaters
7-43 Filter and separator operators
7-44 Still and reactor operators
7-45 Petroleum-refining workers
7-49 Chemical processers and related workers not elsewhere classified

7-5 Spinners, Weavers, Knitters, Dyers and Related Workers
7-51 Fibre preparers
7-52 Spinners and winders
7-53 Weaving- and knitting-machine setters and pattern-card preparers
7-54 Weavers and related workers
7-55 Knitters
7-56 Bleachers, dyers and textile product finishers
7-59 Spinners, weavers, knitters, dyers and related workers not elsewhere classified

7-6 Tanners, Fellmongers and Pelt Dressers
7-61 Tanners and fellmongers
7-62 Pelt dressers

7-7 Food and Beverage Processers
7-71 Grain millers and related workers
7-72 Sugar processers and refiners
7-73 Butchers and meat preparers
7-74 Food preservers
7-75 Dairy product processers
7-76 Bakers, pastrycooks and confectionery makers
7-77 Tea, coffee and cocoa preparers
7-78 Brewers, wine and beverage makers
7-79 Food and beverage processers not elsewhere classified

7-8 Tobacco Preparers and Tobacco Product Makers
7-81 Tobacco preparers
7-82 Cigar makers
7-83 Cigarette makers
7-89 Tobacco preparers and tobacco product makers not elsewhere classified

7-9 Tailors, Dressmakers, Sewers, Upholsterers and Related Workers
7-91 Tailors and dressmakers
7-92 Fur tailors and related workers
7-93 Milliners and hatmakers
7-94 Patternmakers and cutters
7-95 Sewers and embroiderers
7-96 Upholsterers and related workers
7-99 Tailors, dressmakers, sewers, upholsterers and related workers not elsewhere classified

8-0 Shoemakers and Leather Goods Makers
8-01 Shoemakers and shoe repairers
8-02 Shoe cutters, lasters, sewers and related workers
8-03 Leather goods makers

8-1 Cabinetmakers and Related Woodworkers
8-11 Cabinetmakers
8-12 Woodworking-machine operators
8-19 Cabinetmakers and related woodworkers not elsewhere classified

8-2 Stone Cutters and Carvers
8-20 Stone cutters and carvers

8-3 Blacksmiths, Toolmakers and Machine-Tool Operators
8-31 Blacksmiths, hammersmiths and forging-press operators
8-32 Toolmakers, metal patternmakers and metal markers
8-33 Machine-tool setter-operators
8-34 Machine-tool operators
8-35 Metal grinders, polishers and tool sharpeners
8-39 Blacksmiths, toolmakers and machine-tool operators not elsewhere classified

8-4 Machinery Fitters, Machine Assemblers and Precision Instrument Makers (except Electrical)
8-41 Machinery fitters and machine assemblers
8-42 Watch, clock and precision instrument makers
8-43 Motor vehicle mechanics
8-44 Aircraft engine mechanics
8-49 Machinery fitters, machine assemblers and precision instrument makers (except electrical) not elsewhere classified

8-5 Electrical Fitters and Related Electrical and Electronics Workers
8-51 Electrical fitters
8-52 Electronics fitters
8-53 Electrical and electronics equipment assemblers
8-54 Radio and television repairmen
8-55 Electrical wiremen
8-56 Telephone and telegraph installers
8-57 Electric linemen and cable jointers
8-59 Electrical fitters and related electrical and electronics workers not elsewhere classified

8-6 Broadcasting Station and Sound Equipment Operators and Cinema Projectionists
8-61 Broadcasting station operators
8-62 Sound equipment operators and cinema projectionists

8-7 Plumbers, Welders, Sheet Metal and Structural Metal Preparers and Erectors
8-71 Plumbers and pipe fitters
8-72 Welders and flame-cutters
8-73 Sheet-metal workers
8-74 Structural metal preparers and erectors

8-8 Jewellery and Precious Metal Workers
8-80 Jewellery and precious metal workers

8-9 Glass Formers, Potters and Related Workers
8-91 Glass formers, cutters, grinders and finishers
8-92 Potters and related clay and abrasive formers
8-93 Glass and ceramics kilnmen
8-94 Glass engravers and etchers
8-95 Glass and ceramics painters and decorators
8-99 Glass formers, potters and related workers not elsewhere classified

9-0 Rubber and Plastics Product Makers
9-01 Rubber and plastics product makers (except tire makers and tire vulcanisers)
9-02 Tire makers and vulcanisers

9-1 Paper and Paperboard Products Makers
9-10 Paper and paperboard products makers

9-2 Printers and Related Workers
9-21 Compositors and typesetters
9-22 Printing pressmen
9-23 Stereotypers and electrotypers
9-24 Printing engravers (except photo-engravers)
9-25 Photo-engravers
9-26 Bookbinders and related workers
9-27 Photographic darkroom workers
9-29 Printers and related workers not elsewhere classified

9-3 Painters
9-31 Painters, construction
9-39 Painters not elsewhere classified

9-4 Production and Related Workers Not Elsewhere Classified
9-41 Musical instrument makers and tuners
9-42 Basketry weavers and brush makers
9-43 Non-metallic mineral product makers
9-49 Other production and related workers

9-5 Bricklayers, Carpenters and Other Construction Workers
9-51 Bricklayers, stonemasons and tile setters
9-52 Reinforced-concreters, cement finishers and terrazzo workers
9-53 Roofers
9-54 Carpenters, joiners and parquetry workers
9-55 Plasterers
9-56 Insulators
9-57 Glaziers
9-59 Construction workers not elsewhere classified

9-6 Stationary Engine and Related Equipment Operators
9-61 Power-generating machinery operators
9-69 Stationary engine and related equipment operators not elsewhere classified

9-7 Material-Handling and Related Equipment Operators, Dockers and Freight Handlers
9-71 Dockers and freight handlers
9-72 Riggers and cable splicers
9-73 Crane and hoist operators
9-74 Earth-moving and related machinery operators
9-79 Material-handling equipment operators not elsewhere classified

9-8 Transport Equipment Operators
9-81 Ships' deck ratings, barge crews and boatmen
9-82 Ships' engine-room ratings
9-83 Railway engine drivers and firemen
9-84 Railway brakemen, signalmen and shunters
9-85 Motor vehicle drivers
9-86 Animal and animal-drawn vehicle drivers
9-89 Transport equipment operators not elsewhere classified

9-9 Labourers Not Elsewhere Classified
9-99 Labourers not elsewhere classified

X : Workers Not Classifiable by Occupation

X-1 New Workers Seeking Employment
X-10 New workers seeking employment

X-2 Workers Reporting Occupations Unidentifiable or Inadequately Described
X-20 Workers reporting occupations unidentifiable or inadequately described

X-3 Workers Not Reporting Any Occupation
X-30 Workers not reporting any occupation

Y : Members of the Armed Forces

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