TAQEEM Fund for youth employment evaluation (Phase I & II) - A partnership to promote results-based monitoring and evaluation for youth employment in the MENA region: Public-Private Partnership

Taqeem (meaning “evaluation” in Arabic) has been implemented in two phases. The first phase worked with 15 youth employment organizations and initiatives reaching approximately 15,000 young people a year as part of a competitively selected Community of Practice (CoP) to improve their capacity to measure and monitor the impact of their programmes. This was achieved firstly through “Evaluation Clinics” which taught CoP members the key steps for impact evaluation and equipped them with enhanced, low-cost, high-impact monitoring and evaluation tools and small grants. The development of a web-based knowledge sharing platform and dissemination campaigns supported the reporting of successes and challenges to stakeholders and raised project profiles. Finally, organizations with positive results developed and conducted randomized control trail studies to show the impact of their programmes.

Benefits of Partnering

  • Access to cross-sectoral knowledge on child labour issues from other companies with experience in dealing with similar challenges;
  • 20 years of experience in technical expertise, field work, and policy advice from the ILO International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour, including a members-only website as a repository of publications, communities of practice, and an events board;
  • Regular updates on changes to child labour legislation, including hazardous work lists sets at the country level;
  • Enhanced linkages with national tripartite structures and processes to eliminate child labour. Resultantly, efforts are better linked to nationally-owned policies and programmes; and as a corollary, the sustainability of such efforts is increased;
  • Access to annual high profile CLP conferences, ad hoc training workshops and meetings and webinars.