UCGL and ILO sign cooperation agreement

Press release | 27 September 2012

ILO NEWS (Geneva) - The Secretary-General of the World Organization of United Cities and Local Government (UCGL), Josep Roig, and the Director-General of the lLO, Mr Juan Somavia have signed a new cooperation agreement.

Under the agreement, the ILO and the UCGL will support future joint action, particularly with regard to the promotion of decent work at the local level through a local economic development (LED) approach.

Cooperation will focus on the contribution of cities and local government to the promotion of decent work in the LED context and in other areas to be agreed on, including the promotion of employment and sustainable enterprises, social protection, social dialogue, and the realization of fundamental principles and rights at work, especially the eradication of the worst forms of child labour.

The first activity under the agreement will take place in Mozambique. This involves promoting knowledge sharing and training in order to identify challenges and opportunities for informal street vendors and markets in the context of local economic development.

The agreement was signed on 20 September 2012.