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    Eliminating the worst forms of child labour: A practical guide to ILO Convention No. 182 - Handbook for parliamentarians No. 3, 2002

    06 February 2012

    This Handbook is intended to serve as a practical guide for parliamentarians in the fight against child labour. It is also a valuable resource for many others who wish to see sustainable development and human rights enjoyed by all: governments,workers’ and employers’ organizations, civil society organizations, and anyone wishing to become involved in the movement to end the exploitation of children.

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    CEB Toolkit for Mainstreaming Employment and Decent Work

    03 February 2012

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    Keeping the Promise: Report of the Secretary-General

    02 February 2012

    Report submitted to the UN General Assembly High-Level Event on the MDGs, September 2010

  4. Article

    After the storm: Rebuilding livelihoods in the Philippines

    02 February 2012

    Natural disasters destroy livelihoods but the aftermath also offers opportunities to create jobs and revitalise the economy as there will be high demand for construction and other recovery works. For the last ten years, the ILO has engaged in post-disaster reconstruction in countries in Asia and the Pacific, including China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and beyond. So the Organization was also prepared to help when tropical storm Washi heavily affected villages and major cities in the Philippines last December. Minette Rimando from the ILO office in Manila reports.

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    RBSA Success stories in Europe

    31 January 2012

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    RBSA Success stories in Arab States

    31 January 2012

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    RBSA Success stories in the Americas

    31 January 2012

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    RBSA Success stories in Asia & the Pacific

    31 January 2012

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    RBSA Success stories in Africa

    31 January 2012

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    Regular Budget Supplementary Account

    31 January 2012