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  1. PARDEV Newsletter No. 27

    South-South and Triangular Cooperation Strategy

    15 March 2012

  2. PARDEV Newsletter No. 26

    The Year in Review

    20 February 2012

  3. News

    ILO to play active role in new U.N. Fund for disability rights

    17 February 2012

    The International Labour Organization is to play an active role in the implementation of a new trust fund established recently by six United Nations agencies to promote disability rights and help countries improve policies, data-gathering and service delivery to persons with disabilities.

  4. Event

    Training "Identifying and investigating cases of forced labour and trafficking"

    This course will train participants to better identify and investigate cases of forced labour and trafficking in persons for labour exploitation. It will address different stages of the investigative process, including detecting signs, inspecting workplaces, interviewing victims, and gathering other evidence. The course will focus on forced labour occurring in the private sector (including of textile, agriculture, and domestic workers), but will not specifically address sexual exploitation.

  5. Publication

    GSSD 2011: ILO Solution Exchange Forum on social protection, decent work and food security

    14 February 2012

  6. Publication

    ILO-Brazil Joint Declaration on Humanitarian Assistance

    14 February 2012

    Following the establishment of a three-year programme on 27 October 2010 aimed at enhancing the capacity of countries to respond to social and natural disasters, Brazil and the ILO will further consider ways to provide humanitarian assistance to populations in countries at risk and to encourage prevention, rehabilitation and recovery by strengthening institutions and promoting tools for sustainable development.

  7. Publication

    GSSD ILO report 2011

    14 February 2012

  8. Publication

    PPP Template Agreement Annex I

    14 February 2012

  9. Publication

    PPP Template Agreement and Annex I concerning the receipt of funding by the ILO

    14 February 2012

  10. Publication

    Eliminating the worst forms of child labour: A practical guide to ILO Convention No. 182 - Handbook for parliamentarians No. 3, 2002

    06 February 2012

    This Handbook is intended to serve as a practical guide for parliamentarians in the fight against child labour. It is also a valuable resource for many others who wish to see sustainable development and human rights enjoyed by all: governments,workers’ and employers’ organizations, civil society organizations, and anyone wishing to become involved in the movement to end the exploitation of children.