ILO publishes detailed data on spending through International Aid Transparency Initiative

Making information about aid spending easier to access, use and compare, to promote more effective partnerships.

News | 15 April 2016
ILO today joined the more than 400 organizations now publishing data to the International Aid Transparency Initiative registry, a voluntary, international, multi-stakeholder initiative that makes information about aid spending easier to find, compare and use by stakeholders, researchers, and development analysts. The data cover voluntary core and non-core funding.

ILO Director-General Guy Ryder stated: “The ILO is fully committed to transparency and accountability in our relations with development partners, governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations, and the general public.”

The adoption of this standard has brought together an increasing number of donor countries, developing country governments, non-governmental organizations, United Nations programmes and funds, and experts in aid information.

Within the UN system, the ILO was among the first UN agencies to become a signatory to the initiative. The ILO is committed to transparency and shares the idea that a common, open, international standard for publishing more and better information about aid will help track what contributions are used for and what they are achieving, and help constituents manage aid and develop policy and plans more effectively.

In addition to publishing on the IATI registry, ILO also recently launched its Development Cooperation Dashboard within its own website, so that visitors can easily access key financial data on ILO’s development projects worldwide by country, partner, and programme area.