New US Department of Labor funding to advance the fight against child labour, forced labour and human trafficking worldwide

Contribution of US$ 10 million supports ILO’s work to address the root causes of child labour, forced labour and human trafficking

News | 20 January 2022
The contribution of US$10 million from the US Department of Labor (USDOL) seeks to support the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) targets of eradicating child labour, forced labour, human trafficking and modern slavery worldwide by 2030 through broader and more effective action. Through this support to the Accelerator Lab 8.7 strategy, the ILO will work with trade unions, civil society organizations, governments and regional institutions. The ILO will also provide targeted assistance to Alliance 8.7 pathfinder countries. The Alliance 8.7 is an inclusive global partnership with the mission to assist all UN member States to fulfil their commitment to achieving SDG Target 8.7.

The project will mainstream innovation throughout all its actions at the global, regional and country levels, and focus on interventions to strengthen workers’ voices, due diligence and transparency in supply chains and social protection.

The voluntary contribution comes at a pivotal time as the pandemic threatens to jeopardize progress made in reducing child labour and forced labour, potentially leading to an increase of nearly 9 million children in child labour by the end of 2022. Latest estimates suggest that there are 160 million children in child labour currently, and nearly 80 million of them work in conditions that endanger their health, safety and moral development. Another report finds that an additional 40 million people fall victim to modern slavery, forced labour and human trafficking, among which women and girls disproportionately account for 71 percent of victims.

The U.S. Department of Labor announced the award to support a broad set of actions intended to combat child labour, forced labour and human trafficking, which affects more than 200 million children, women and men worldwide. The financial contribution is administered by the Bureau of International Labor Affairs.