October 2017

  1. Statement

    Achieving decent and productive employment for all people for a more sustainable path to development

    13 October 2017,

  2. Statement

    Building solid mechanisms for consultation with indigenous peoples

    13 October 2017,

  3. Statement

    An unwavering commitment to protect children’s human rights

    12 October 2017,

  4. Statement

    Promote full and lasting gender equality and non-discrimination

    09 October 2017,

    The ILO is firmly committed to working with the UN community on bringing the decent work mandate to the challenge of realising a future where women’s economic empowerment, gender equality and social justice are features of and drivers for a better world.

  5. Statement

    Decent work is the most sustainable path out of poverty

    05 October 2017,

July 2017

  1. Statement

    ILO Special Representative to the UN at the Fourth Informal Thematic Session for the Global Compact on Migration

    24 July 2017,

  2. Statement

    ILO Director-General Keynote Address to the UN Partnership Exchange - 17 July 2017

    17 July 2017,

  3. Statement

    ILO Deputy Director-General Intervention on Review of SDG 1

    11 July 2017,

June 2017

  1. Statement

    ILONY Special Representative to UN at the Conference to CRPD

    15 June 2017,

  2. Statement

    ILO Statement to UN Oceans Conference Partnership Dialogue 7 - 9 June 2017

    09 June 2017,