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  1. Labour migration

    Linking Policy, Evidence and Practice from Global Compact for Migration to Paris Agreement

    18 May 2022

    Climate change impacts and increases human vulnerabilities related to decent work deficits, crisis and conflict.

  2. Media advisory

    The International Migration Review Forum to take place from 17-20 May 2022

    10 May 2022

  3. Event

    UN Collaboration on Social Protection: Reaching Consensus on how to Accelerate Social Protection Systems Building

    5 May 2022

    The UN Chief Executives Board launched the UN Social Protection Floor Initiative (SPF-I) in 2009 as one of its nine joint initiatives to address the global financial crisis. Thirteen years have passed since the SPF-I’s unveiling and the world is once again been mired in a global crisis of unprecedented proportions with social protection at the centre of the response and recovery measures. Given the seismic last few years and the increasing work on social protection by all UN agencies, it seemed apt to take stock of the progress of this work and consider the future direction of this collaboration. Consequently, the FAO, ILO and UNICEF, in conjunction with many other UN agencies and development partners, convened a taking stock exercise to reflect on UN collaboration on social protection. This has resulted in the launch of this review paper that outlines how efforts can be systematically developed to further advance UN collaboration and coordination on social protection. It is hoped the recommendations in this review paper will better support the design and implementation of adequate and comprehensive national social protection systems. Simultaneously this can support the ongoing post-COVID-19 socioeconomic recovery and the achievement of the SDGs on social protection by 2030. Learn more here. Register here.