2013 UN Day for South-South Cooperation

South-South in Practice: Implementing Sustainable Social Protection Floors

A panel discussion highlighting knowledge sharing experiences from the global South on constructing sustianable Social Protection Floors


Date:  Thursday, 12 September 2013
Time:  3:00pm - 5:00pm
Venue:  UN Headquarters, Room 3 (Conference Building)
Location:  New York

As part of the 2013 United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation, this event will serve as a platform for countries to exchange their knowledge, skills and expertise gained from real-world implementations of national social protection floors.

Social protection is a powerful tool for societies to combat poverty and invest in their own socioeconomic development. Many developing countries have already taken successful measures to build their own nationally defined social protection floors.

The results of these efforts show us that the impact of social protection on poverty, vulnerability and inequality can be dramatic. The experience acquired by these countries represents an invaluable resource for others of the global South.



Francisco Simplicio
Assistant Director, Programme and Funds Management, United Nations Office for South‐South Cooperation
South-South cooperation in Practice: Implementing Sustainable Social Protection Floors (.pdf)

Valérie Schmitt
Social Security Specialist, ILO
Implementing sustainable Social Protection Floors & the role of south‐south cooperation (.pdf)

Elsa Alfai
Social Policy Advisor of the Minister of Women and Social Affairs, Mozambique
The SPF Experience in Mozambique (forthcoming)

H.E. Mr. Vathana Sann
Deputy Secretary‐General, Council for Agricultural and Rural Development, Cambodia
South-South in Practice: Implementing Sustainable Social Protection Floors (.pdf)