2014 Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

ECOSOC 2014 30 June - 11 July Meeting the MDGs and beyond

Speeches and statements

  1. ILO Statement to the 2014 ECOSOC High-Level Segment

    More and better jobs called for across the globe

    08 July 2014

    When asked about the kind of future they want, people from every continent overwhelmingly speak about decent jobs.

  2. ILO Statement to the 2014 ECOSOC Integration Segment

    Infrastructure, other investments key to promoting decent work in cities

    28 May 2014

    Employment is the key that unlocks the door of economic and social development and environmental sustainability.

Focus on: the MDGs, SDGs and post-2015 agenda

  1. Report

    World of Work 2014: Developing with jobs

    This report draws on evidence from over 140 developing countries and finds that a common factor amongst those countries that have achieved higher per capita income and sustained growth was quality jobs.

  2. Conference paper

    The post-2015 sustainable development agenda

    The Governing Body is invited to recommend the tripartite constituents, and to request the Director-General, to support a six-point strategy for further work on a post-2015 sustainable development framework (see the draft decision in paragraph 24).

UN reports

  1. Report of the Secretary-General to the 2014 ECOSOC Annual Ministerial Review

    Addressing challenges for meeting the MDGs in 2015 and for sustaining future development gains

    14 April 2014