Towards resilient social dialogue in South Asia

The report is a collation of key social dialogue mechanisms in South Asia, their responses to the COVID-19 crisis and actions to build resilience compiled by ILO DWT/CO-New Delhi

This report provides valuable information on the main tripartite and bipartite social dialogue mechanisms and processes in South Asia. It captures the extent to which these mechanisms have been involved in responding to the COVID-19 crisis. Crucially, it also provides a strategic set of actions aimed at facilitating the growth of resilient social dialogue mechanisms in South Asia.

The ILO experience shows that inclusivity through social dialogue amongst and between governments, employers’ organizations and unions is essential for social and economic growth. These three constituents form the core partners who jointly share responsibility for national social and economic development.

Social Dialogue is essential, not only to respond to this crisis, but also to respond nimbly and effectively to any crisis situation affecting economies and labour markets adversely.