An employment strategy for the Islamic Republic of Iran

A report prepared for the Islamic Republic of Iran in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs under UNDP SPPD funding

In line with the ILO’s Global Employment Agenda, the proposed employment
strategy for Iran rests on the twin pillars of promoting economic growth and
maximizing employment and social policies. A well-functioning labour market
and a high demand for labour are essential in ensuring that positive economic
changes continue; and that benefits of such changes in terms of increases in
productive, remunerative employment are realized. There may be occasions when
adjustments in the labour market would mean reallocation of labour with the
need for social protection. In this respect, the wide coverage of Iran’s system of
social protection makes it an excellent foundation for social policy in a time of

A number of recommendations are provided in this report with a view of
undertaking initial short-term steps (within a period of two years) allowing
concrete follow-up to start while a fully functional Employment Strategy
Framework is being finalized. The ILO is fully cognizant of the fact that a
National Employment Strategy has to be part of the country’s own strategy, to
which this report is meant to contribute. The report points out that some of the
recommended short-term work, i.e. in the areas of skills development, small
enterprises and labour relations, are already being undertaken by the Government
with support from the UNDP and ILO.