Trainers’ Training Programme on HIV & AIDS for Employers’ Organizations/Corporates

As part of ILO’ strategy to strengthen the employers’ and corporate response to HIV & AIDS in India, ILO organized the second round of Joint Trainers Training Programme for Employers’ Organizations and Corporate Groups in New Delhi on 12 – 13 November 2009. The objectives of this training were to orient the participants to the National Policy on HIV & AIDS in the world of work, enhancing knowledge of participants on HIV/AIDS, STI, TB, ART and to impart training and communication skills to participants to develop and execute HIV & AIDS workplace interventions. The theme of the workshop was ‘Updating Knowledge, Enhancing Skills”.

Forty-seven participants from 11 corporates and 6 employers’ organisations participated in the training programme. The backgrounds of the participants were largely: HR, CSR, health/medical services and marketing.