HIV/AIDS Project Dissemination Workshop

The ILO Subregional Office for South Asia, New Delhi hosted HIV & AIDS project Dissemination Workshop in September 2009. Supported by U.S. Department of Labor, ILO's project "Prevention of HIV/AIDS in the World of Work: A Tripartite Response" has been operational in India since 2001.

Proven strategies for the prevention of HIV/AIDS in the world of work

The objective of the Dissemination workshop was to share the models developed and lessons learnt in implementation of the programme. The Ministry of Labour and Employment, who have developed a National Policy on HIV/AIDS in the World of Work, and a proposal for mobilizing funds from Global funds to upscale activities on HIV/AIDS in the world of work, appreciated the work of the ILO; as also the representatives from the Employers' and Workers' Organizations, the National AIDS Control Organization, UNAIDS and People Living with HIV/AIDS.

The workshop was inaugurated by Hon'ble Minister of Labour & Employment, Mr M Mallikarjun Kharge. Publications launched on the occasion included:

  • Training manual for Enterprises on HIV/AIDS workplace policy and programmes and Public Private Partnerships;
  • A Documentation of Good Practices containing 11 case studies; and
  • A handbook for People Living with HIV on workplace advocacy along with an advocacy and training video.

Thematic discussions opened with India Impact Survey/Evaluation. Panel discussions on Impact Assessment; Ministry of Labour and Employment's efforts in mainstreaming HIV in its institutions, Employers/Corporate Response to HIV/AIDS; Reaching Migrant Workers and Response to Trade Unions; Engaging PLHIV in Workplace Advocacy and Fighting Stigma and Discrimination at Workplace; Technical assistance provided to the USG partners and Effective Integration of Workplace Interventions in National AIDS Control Programme were among the highlights of the event.

The strategic framework highlighted the priorities for India Programme in line with the National AIDS Control Programme' priorities and UNDAF, DWCP and the overall objectives of ILO/AIDS. Key priority areas identified included:

  • Strengthening the national HIV/AIDS policy and legal framework in the world of work;
  • Strengthening the capacity of tripartite partners and NACO/SACS to upscale work place interventions and public private partnership;
  • Up scaling interventions to cover most at risk population in select economic sectors;
  • Serving as knowledge hub for HIV/AIDS policy and programmes in the world of work; and
  • Strengthen capacity of PLHIV for workplace advocacy and work towards their livelihood and security.