Reducing Vulnerability to Bondage in India through Promotion of Decent Work

Convergence: Four Pronged Strategy

Project documentation | 13 December 2012
The interventions in the project on Reducing Vulnerability to Bondage in India are based on a four pronged strategy, which is adapted to suit the conditions depending upon the location and sectors concerned. This strategy includes:
  1. Ensuring social protection for workers and their family members, through convergence of existing government schemes and services, both at source and destination areas, to reduce their family indebtedness and poverty situation. 
  2. Implementing workplace improvement measures in close collaboration with the employers and their organizations
  3. Empowering the workers by imparting rights-based awareness education through workers’ organizations/trade unions and enabling them to organize themselves and engage in collective bargaining.
  4. Exploring improvements in recruitment systems and working conditions including regulation of payment of wages and advances through active social dialogue process among tripartite partners.