Safety + Health for all for the plantation workers in the tea sector in Assam

A virtual consultation was organized with the Central and State Trade Unions (TUs) to discuss the way forward in improving the Occupational Safety and Health of the plantation workers the tea sector of Assam. It focused on both formal and informal workers including the small tea growers in the value chain.

The project ‘Safety and Health for the plantation workers focussing the tea sector in Assam’ organized a virtual consultation with the central trade unions to discuss the current situation and challenges of workers and to plan the way forward.

The objectives of the meeting were:

a) Understand the ground situation, Key issues and challenges, issues related to OSH (with special focus on women workers), key actors involved at the tea plantations in Assam

b)Develop a broad action plan for promoting health and safety for workers in tea plantation

c) Discussion of the formation of a multi stakeholder technical working group for the tea sector to promote health and safety.