Bipartite consultation on recovery and revitalisation of MSME sector during COVID-19

The United Nations,led by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), organized a bipartite virtual dialogue to support the recovery and re-vitalisation of the MSME post lock-down.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been affecting enterprises of all sizes and types in unprecedented ways. Among them, the MSME sector, in particular, those in the lower tiers of different supply chains, unorganised sector, and home-based enterprises have been severely affected. MSMEs are facing working capital depletion, low demand, workforce deficit due to reluctance of workers, especially, migrants to return to work and others. It risks pushing many MSMEs out of business, with potential massive job losses and compromises in the working conditions of workers and to environment and communities.

A MSME specific relief package for the MSMEs is expected from government. However, for MSMEs to recover and revive will go beyond finance, to assure access to supplies, manpower, logistics and improved occupational health and safety Employers and workers are to come together to mitigate the economic risk, identify new opportunities and minimize relapses in the short and medium term.

The United Nations is willing to support bipartite initiative on
  1. How are MSMEs proceeding preparations for restarting, recovering and reviving their business?
  2. What challenges and solutions are being foreseen?
  3. How do you see United Nations might be able to support getting MSMEs back into business?
This interactive session is organized to listen to stakeholder perspectives and identify areas of common interest and joint action.