Indian Employers’ Organizations commit to addressing TB and HIV in the world of work

Representatives of Indian Employers' Organizations unanimously adopted the statement of commitment at a national round-table and agreed to be a part of the TB elimination initiative set by Prime Minister of India.

Tuberculosis and HIV continue to be two of India’s greatest public health challenges. India has the highest burden of both TB and multi-drug resistant TB. The Government of India is fully committed to putting an end to TB by 2025; and end AIDS as a public health threat by 2030. The National AIDS Control Programme and the National TB programme envisage a multi-sectoral response, with a role to be played by the private sector.

Employers’ support means a lot for workers living with HIV and TB. Having a secure employment and assurance of no discrimination in the workplace contributes immensely for the workers with TB and HIV to continue medical treatment. In 2005, employers’ organizations in India came together to develop a joint statement of commitment for supporting workers with HIV. Now that TB has emerged as the single most infectious killer, it is imperative to take a new look at the statement and address TB as well as HIV. In this connection, this meeting assumes great significance.

Employer Organizations (EOs), USAID, NACO, Central TB Division, Ministry of Labour and Employment, CBWE, Global Fund and partner companies participated in the event. The statement of commitment has been unanimously adopted and EOs have agreed to be a part of TB elimination initiative set by the Prime Minister of India. This statement will be an effective strategy for private sector engagement for elimination of TB.