Consultative meeting on post disaster recovery and reconstruction planning for "Employment" aspect in Kerala

ILO organized a consultative meeting with the constituents in Kerala to discuss on employment, post disaster recovery and reconstruction planning.

This consultative meeting discussed the findings of Post Disaster Needs Assessment report and a draft report of Training Needs Assessment focusing on employment, recovery and reconstruction planning. The meeting saw representatives of government, workers and employers organizations. Recommendations were shared following the session that highlighted issues regarding the employment sector in Kerala.

ILO India Director facilitated the discussions. She spoke of a need for comprehensive policy making and planning by all stakeholders in the government. Sectors most affected by the 2018 Kerela floods shared their views on how to work towards recovery as well as working towards environmental sustainability.

A unanimous pitch was made for ‘turning the crisis at our hand into an opportunity’ and working towards a more holistic and comprehensive recovery plan comprising all trade sectors. Report presentations helped with discussions on ‘environmental sustainability’ and ‘social inclusion’ in respect to job creation.

Next step is to develop regulations, policies and protocols under the three pillars - ‘New Skills’, ‘New set of working conditions’ and ‘New Technology’.