What is #FutureOfWork? - A joint event by ILO and Youth Ki Awaaz

From entrepreneurship, working conditions to women at workforce – what challenges do the young Indians face in their work lives?

Over 780 million Indians are under the age of 35. Many of them are joining the workforce of this country. However, in a rapidly changing world of work – advancement in technology, emerging of virtual markets, new working conditions such as flexible work hours, casual contracts, no-contracts and more — how do the young Indians cope with everyday work challenges. What are their hidden struggles, career aspirations, opportunities of growth and future vision towards decent work?

We looked into three key aspects: women in the workforce, entrepreneurship and working conditions. The event #FutureOfWork hosted a vibrant discussion on these aspects lead by a panel of speakers and followed by audience interaction.

The event was co-hosted by ILO India and Youth Ki Awaaz
Event venue: AntiSocial Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi
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