Agenda - Tripartite Training workshop on Formalization of Informal Economy

Agenda | Pokhara, Nepal | 17 April 2014

Tripartite workshop on formalisation of informal economy

of the course: English

from: 21/04/2014









Concepts and integrated policy package

Policy and Legal responses; role of social dialogue

Specific strategies supporting transition to formality

Role of social partners and governments


9:00 – 10:30

Introduction into training workshop, overview

Getting to know each other

Knowledge Expedition on informal economy : debriefing from participants inputs

How macroeconomic and social policies impact formality

Role of social partners

Organizing and representation Giving the voice to workers and economic units in the IE

Wicket questions and groups discussion

Extending social protection coverage

Clickers + movie about (Bolsa familia?)

Country presentation of their National policies on formalisation

Peer review

Coffee break


11:00 – 12:30

Informal economy : Key conceptual issues and terminology


Crowd sourcing on definitions

Role of regulatory framework, labour administration and inspection in promoting transition to formality

World café on role of regulation

and enforcement issues

Upgrading informal enterprise for sustainable growth

Value chain analysis

Equality and non-discrimination for workers and enterprise sin the informal economy

Discriminatory coffee break



14:00 – 15:15

Why formalisation? (benefits)and Integrated policy package facilitating transition to formality

Example of Brazil/Argentina

Making social dialogue work for formalization

Role play

Upgrading informal enterprise for sustainable growth

Group work on enterprise and skills upgrading, workplace safety and protection of workers

Group work: On role of social partners and action planning


Coffee break


15:45 – 17:00

Tripartite Group work : Reviewing the national policies of the 3 countries:

Stakeholders’ analysis at policy, regulatory, implementation levels (national and local).

Tripartite Group work :

Identifying policy and legal gaps in the national policies

Tripartite Group work : Analysing strategies for enterprises development and involvement of Social partners and MBOs

Tripartite Group work : reviewing the national policies of the 3 countries : issues on social protection and gender mainstreaming